Awesome Delivery

Hi Nicole, I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know directly, about the delivery today. I opened my door to find 3 men smiling away ,and I'm sure dreading what was about take place... I am beyond words with how wonderful they were to the situation of such a heavy unit. Once they (yes they didn't use my help) brought the unit in they took the time to put it up against the wall and made sure I was comfortable with the placement. They even lifted the end to show me how to adjust the feet on it ( awesome thing I didn't expect)because truthfully the wall its up against is not prepared yet for the unit. After the guys left smiling , I was left in awe of this piece and quickly wiped it down and put my father-in-laws urn there, and it brought tears knowing he finally had his perfect spot. I'm sure you are aware of my feelings of all the things we have been lucky enough to get over the last few years, but to me this is my most amazing piece. If you could please pass on to the builder how wonderfully happy we are and appreciate all the hard work he put into it , we would be very thankful ! To the three incredible men, a huge huge thank you for delivering this to me and taking such good care with it. As always, I look forward to continuing to find more things that we need to get :) Sincerely, C.