Order Policies


All deposits are non-refundable. All sales are final, as each piece is made per order – cancellation or credit note only on unfinished goods with proof of purchase before final deposit is paid.

Gift items and consumable items are not subject to this policy, and all sales are final with no exceptions.

Examples of gift items:

  • Wall art and frames
  • Décor – plates, garden items, seasonal items
  • Gift cards

Orders for custom pieces are not available for cancellation or store credit.

Terms of Purchase

We do require a deposit before building begins on orders. Our deposit is 35% of final amount after taxes and finishing (if applicable).

From the date of when the order was placed, most orders will take between 8 to 12 weeks to be built, and arrive to the store unfinished. If you are ordering something that is to be stained and/or painted, the ordering period will be 10 to 16 weeks from date of order.

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., weather, injury, illness, order volume) some orders may take longer than the expected timeframe.

If you are bringing in self-sourced hardware for an order and intend for a builder to install them, all hardware must be received by staff within 21 days of order. After 21 days, a $50.00 installation fee will be applied.

Once you have received a call that your order is ready, all orders must be paid in full within 60 days. If goods are left in store for longer than 60 days, a 5% storage fee will be applied.

Payment must be received in full before product is released to the customer.

Delivery fees must be paid before a delivery date is scheduled.


After a delivery date is scheduled, please ensure the area where furniture is to be placed is clear and free for delivery crew. If in an apartment, please ensure the property managers are aware of the delivery and the elevator(s) have been reserved for your delivery timeframe.

Our delivery fees include the crew to bring in and set up the furniture for you. Delivery crew will not remove old furniture for you.

Delivery times are subject to change depending on factors such as weather and traffic.

Picking Up Furniture

Once furniture is ready and you have received the call, you do not need to book an appointment to pick up. We have staff on site who are able to help load furniture into the vehicle with you.

Please ensure you bring ample supplies for the pickup – blankets, wraps, tie downs, cardboard, etc. We do not have shipping materials at the store to use.

Damage done to furniture in transit is not covered by store warranty.


All products come with a 1-year limited warranty.

The warranty covers defects and issues in manufacturing, for example;

  • A pine knot not secured properly or other wood defects
  • Cracks or damage not caused by rough handling or misuse of product

This warranty does not cover;

  • Damage caused by chemical cleaning agents on the finishing.
  • Improperly transporting furniture.
  • Worm holes in wormy maple wood, as those are a natural occurrence.

In the event that you need warranty work, please give us a call or email describing your issue, and provide photos if possible. Depending on the situation/location/work required, we will request you bring the piece back to store.

Warranty work will be completed as soon as possible, but depending on the work required could take up to several weeks if the product has to return to the builder for repairs.


Due to the uniqueness of the different variations in wood grades, sap and colours in the wood, we have no control over the final finished product. Colour matching requires a reasonable sized sample. Samples given in a wood type different from the product ordered are not guaranteed to match entirely. Different wood types do not hold stain the same as others, and colour differences are not at fault of Mennonite Furniture & Gifts staff. The colour sample boards in the showroom may also not reflect the exact colour on the furniture.

All goods remain the property of Mennonite furniture & Gifts INC. until the invoice is paid in full. For custom orders, please review and ensure that all details are listed and correct, as furniture is built according to details outlined on order. We require hardware within 3 weeks form time of order, after which there will be a set up charge.

Time Frame

All orders, unless purchasing a finished in-stock item, will take approximately 8 to 12 weeks. This time frame is not definite, in the event of unforeseen circumstances out of the control of both builders and staff. This time frame is also only applicable to the building of the items, and finishing is applicable to a separate time frame.

For items requiring finishing, the finishing time frame will take approximately 2 to 5 weeks. This is dependent on backlog, number of items per order, and colour. If custom colour matching is required, please expect an additional week of delay to prepare the colour. This timeframe is also not definite, in the event of unforeseen circumstances outside of staff control.

Finishing and Custom Orders

We do not accept stain selection by website or photographs. Our stain samples are on our website for reference only.

If you are a returning customer and intend to stain your furniture the same as previous orders, we may ask for a sample to be brought in if enough time has passed to ensure your new stain properly matches your aged piece.

For custom colour matches, the customer is required to bring in a sample piece to match to. Custom colour matches that have requested a sample chip must come to store to finalize and approve the colour before finishing will begin. Custom built furniture must sign an approval form in store before staining will begin, regardless of colour. The approval form is simply to accept that you are happy with the physical design of the piece, and are ready to stain – or that you accept and are happy with the custom matched stain.

Please note there may still be a difference between the sample and final piece as sample pieces are relatively small, and appearance varies from tree to tree. Once approved, there will be no re-staining for minor differences.